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How We Read (Reader Answers)

October 7, 2011 by Kiersi

Young Girl Reading by Jean Honore Fragonard

Young Girl Reading by Jean Honoré Fragonard

Earlier this week I asked folks to tell me how they read. Here are some answers I received! All of your comments were a delight, and many were also quite hilarious.


“Let’s just say that if the book isn’t half-mangled with stains, smears, crumpled pages and plain awful looking, then that means I haven’t read it.”

“I read obsessively. I will read anything and everything and read it as quickly as possible.”


“On the floor next to my couch, cross-legged with book in my lap and some soft trance music playing. Armin Van Buuren is one of my favorite artists to read to.”

“Sometimes I curl up in my huge armchair—the one that dwarfs anyone who sits in it like a throne.”

“Sprawled on the bed.”


“One of my favorite sunny day activities is walking to a park and finding a warm, grassy spot where I can lay down for a good read and soak up some vitamin D.”

“I absolutely love reading in my car. Behind the wheel, windows rolled down.”

“When I’m camping, reading is how I pass the time after ‘lights out.’ Just curled up in my one-person tent with my trusty lantern by my side.”

“Drying my nails.”

“I like to read at night, in bed, and I’ll almost always stay up until it’s done.”


“Unopened tea bags.”

“Bus transfers.”

“No bookmarks or dog-ears; I just remember where I left off.”


Never hardcover books if I can help it, since I like to fold my books in half and hold them in one hand.”

“I never read in bed because one can’t sit up in a waterbed. Yes, I have one of the few surviving waterbeds. Perfect for sleeping but not much else.”


“I enjoy reading to others. Since my daughter is now grown up, I have no one to read to anymore. I miss that.”

“Sometimes I disappear because books give me super powers to jump inside the story while it’s happening!”

“I read out loud to my pup Clover when I’m trying to get a really difficult concept to stick.”

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