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Tell Me How You Read

October 5, 2011 by Kiersi

How do you read?


Crammed into a cozy little reading nook?

Sprawled on the bed with the covers askew?

Flat on the couch?

Curled in the fetal position in an over-stuffed armchair?

On a Kindle, or with paper pages between your fingers?

Hardcover? Softcover?

Trade paperback, mass market paperback?

Dust jacket as bookmark? Slip of scratch paper as bookmark? Souvenir from Powell’s as bookmark?

With a frown?

Lips following along to the written words?

Out loud?

To your daughter? To your husband?

In the sunshine or under a kerosene lamp?

I’d like to know.


  1. Austen says:

    I have two different spots, one is on the floor next to my couch, cross legged with book in lap and some soft trance music playing. Armin Van Buuren is one of my favorite artists to read to.

    My other spot is my car. I have no idea why, but I absolutely love reading in my car. Behind the wheel, windows rolled down. (Not while actually driving, obviously) Also, with music playing.

    I’ve found that I have a hard time reading without music. Not rock music, or anything with lyrics really, just something with a steady, rhythmic beat seems to help my brain keep moving forward.

    • Kiersi says:

      I feel that way about music when I write and when I clean. HILARIOUS about the car. Now I know where you’re always disappearing to.

      • Austen says:

        Yeah, pretty much! Also, I’m in deep deep love with hardcover books right now. Any book I buy, I buy in hardcover if possible. I keep the jacket on ONLY when it’s on the shelf. Reading with the jacket is annoying to no end. Also, I make my own bookmarks. Forces me to practice Photoshop.

  2. Sarah L says:

    I usually do it sprawled in bed. I like doing it with others too, usually with our own books: companionable reading. Sometimes I curl up in my huge armchair (you know the one, that dwarfs anyone who sits in it like a throne). I use whatever I have on hand to mark my page: designated bookmarks, scraps of paper, unopened tea bags, bus transfers, or I just memorize my page number. I don’t like to read on screens because I do that enough at work, I like to give my eyes a break when I’m relaxing with my book 🙂 Oh, and one of my favorite sunny day activities is walking over to a park, finding a sunny, grassy spot and laying down for a good read and to soak up some vitamin D.

  3. Kelly B says:

    OOH. This is awesome.

    Reading for pleasure differs from reading for school. When I read for pleasure I’m always in bed and I alternate between lying on my side and lying on my stomach since neither are particularly comfortable while holding a book, actually. NEVER hardcover if I can help it since I like to fold my books in half to hold in one hand. This makes the spines of my books curled by the time I’m done, so you can always tell if I’ve read a book or not. No bookmarks or dog-ears, I just remember where I left off.

    Reading for school is almost always at the library and usually across two chairs if I can get away with it. It’s also not as fun. 🙁

  4. Mo says:

    Either in my big easy chair or in my cozy bed before lights out…and NEVER with my glasses on, LOL

  5. Mo says:

    And when I’m camping, it’s how I pass the time after “lights out”, curled up in my one person tent, with my trusty lantern by my side 🙂

  6. Tried to reply on FB but no Save or Post button. Wonder what that’s about?

    I read the paper at the table with breakfast. Books and magazines anywhere: couch, car, waiting anywhere, drying my nails, whatever. Twitter on my phone and my laptop; other Internet stuff on my laptop at either the desk or the couch, or the back patio. I never go anywhere without having something to read in case I have to wait for something.

    Never read in bed because one can’t sit up in a waterbed. Yes, I have one of the few surviving waterbeds. Perfect for sleeping but not good for much else.

  7. Kris says:

    I read in bed usually at night, switching sides and seldom do I read hardcovers because of weak wrists. Sometimes I read just parts of books I have already read, and sometimes I spend the greater part of the night reading a book almost entirely if it is really a page turner. Books I have to read and remember have to be read sitting up so as not to fall asleep. I enjoy reading to others but since my daughter is now grown up I have no one to read to anymore, I miss that.

  8. Kris Wagar says:

    My preference is paperbacks, and laying on my side in bed
    switching from one side to the other for comfort and usually at night unless I am feeling stressed, then I might read during the daytime to find another alternative mental space and time. I also like to read parts of my favorite book over and over again any part just to get a feeling for the writer and sometimes pick up parts I may have glossed over before.
    Books I have to read or get information from I read sitting up.

    • Kiersi says:

      I’ll also read a great book multiple times. It feels really good to space it out over the span of years, and come back to it as I’ve matured and learned more about the world.
      I wonder if sitting upright helps absorb information?

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  10. Amy Yamasaki says:

    Any time, any where! Try not in my car or in bed… but – I do both from time to time.

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