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14 Weird Reasons People Have Unfollowed Me

November 19, 2012 by Kiersi

Today’s post is the first in a series about how authors and writers use Twitter. Rayne Hall is a spectacular fantasy writer and writing instructor.

Tune in tomorrow for “Twitter Bootcamp,” and Wednesday for “What Not To Do on Twitter.”


Fourteen Weird Reasons Why People Have Unfollowed Me On Twitter

More than 22,000 people follow me on Twitter @raynehall… and every day, several unfollow me. Some even tell me why. Here’s a selection of their reasons:

1. Tweets in inferior English (British)

2. I laughed at their jokes

3. I did not laugh at their jokes

4. I didn’t buy their book

5. Stalking (I followed them)

6. They saw no tweets but mine in their timeline (they weren’t actually following anyone else)

7. I had more followers than they

8. Horses get killed in one of my books

9. I tweeted more about my own books than about theirs

10. By posting #writetip tweets I implied that the person’s writing needed improvement (insult)

11. They always follow and unfollow the same people as their mates

12. Not enough commas in my tweets

13. I declined to retweet their poetry

14. Rayne Hall is not a real person, but a bot. Everyone knows that

Of course, these are only the ones who gave their reasons. (“Your use of British English disgusts me! Learn proper English before you tweet!!  I unfollow!!!!”) Others didn’t allow me a glimpse into their motivations. Who knows? Even weirder reasons may lurk in their minds.

What’s the weirdest reason for unfollowing you’ve experienced? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment, and I’ll reply.


Rayne Hall is the author over forty books (mostly fantasy and horror), published under several pen names and in several languages (mostly British English). She edits the Ten Tales series of short story anthologies and teaches online classes for writers. Horses die in her novels. Rayne does not retweet poetry.


  1. Kiersi says:

    No one has ever given me a reason for unfollowing me. I wish they did, though. I just see the number drop and wish I could send out a survey or something!

  2. A common reason for shrinking follower numbers is that many weren’t real people. They were bots, programmed to follow you in the hopes that you will follow them back. If you don’t follow them, they’re programmed to unfollow you after a month or so.
    Another reason why followers just vanish is that their accounts have been suspended or they have been banned. This applies mostly to porn chick bots and persistent spammers. From time to time, Twitter cleans up and deletes the account offering adult live chat services and such. In the case of persistent spammers, if enough people complain, Twitter suspends or deletes those accounts.
    In either case, it’s no great loss. 🙂

  3. kellyhashway says:

    Interesting. I do notice that Twitter sometimes drops people I’m following even though I do unfollow them. I think that might contribute to some lost followers.

    • There was a Twitterbug some months ago where Twitter deleted followings. So you’d suddenly have fewer followers, and those people weren’t even aware that they were no longer following you. Annoying. I think that’s been resolved. I hope it has.

  4. With the number of followers you have gained, I would’t take it personally if a few drop out. You can’t possibly please everyone…

  5. That’s very odd. You don’t retweet poetry? Shame on you. I had someone complain once that bears died in my story (Tudor novel) and so gave me a lower star rating on Amazon for gratuitous cruelty. I’m now working on killing a horse. If I write a poem about killing a horse – and perhaps some bears too, and a grey squirrel for good measure – in my next novel, will you retweet it?

  6. Nobody has ever complained about the humans getting killed in my books, but whenever a horse dies, I get angry emails and negative reviews.

    Here’s an excerpt from one a review for Storm Dancer: “Animal lovers: Do not buy this book! They don’t just sacrifice humans, but horses as well.”

    Hmm. How are you going to kill a horse, several bears and a squirrel in 140 characters? If you manage that, I’ll retweet. Even if it’s a poem. 😉

  7. C D Simmons says:

    I have had more than a few lately that have started following me, I will check out their timeline and if it seems interesting I will follow back. After a few days my followers number drops and I will check my following, and they have unfollowed me. It seems that some search you out to get you to follow and then unfollow when you do to increase their numbers. I don’t have but a few followers so it is not hard for me to find them out. If they look like bots I usually ignore them and they fall away on their own. Since I am relatively new to twitter, I am still learning how it all works.

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