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California Road Trip 2012: San Diego

August 1, 2012 by Kiersi

Day 6: San Diego

I made it to San Diego just in time for a poolside lounge session with podcaster, blogger, and fellow YA author Jon Yang.

Jon and I take on San Diego

After Jon showed me to some of San Diego’s finest raw fish, we grabbed a late showing of The Dark Knight Rises. I have a whole slew of criticisms about the movie (What is the deal with that thing on Bane’s face? And I didn’t realize it was so easy to fix a broken back), but overall, I enjoyed my first IMAX experience. My biggest complaint with the medium is the sound quality. Yes, great, you have a fabulous speaker system, congratulations–but it doesn’t matter how loud it is unless it’s used right. I felt like the bass was permanently damaging my ability to reproduce, and yet there were still sequences of dialogue too quiet to understand.

I had a total blast anyway. I mean, THIS GUY? Wow. Joseph Gordon-Levitt did everything for this movie that Christian Bale couldn’t. If the Batman series continues–a proposition that I view with some trepidation–I am confident it can only be better than The Dark Knight Rises because Gordon-Levitt will be the star and Bale will finally get phased out. Thank God.

Day 7: San Diego Zoo

Dang, I love zoos. Most people who call themselves “animal lovers” are usually hesitant about zoos–the cages, the living conditions, the unnaturalness of it all–but I still enjoy them, and when in a new city, I go out of my way to visit them. Most of the time, zoos are participating in species restoration efforts. Many animals, especially elephants, dolphins, and other intelligent, social creatures, get along well in zoos.

The same cannot be said for big cats.

I know you’ve seen it: A tiger pacing in endless circles. A lion who can’t stop licking his side. Big cats are just not designed for captivity. One thing I appreciated about my visit to the San Diego Zoo was the honest effort by the park designers to give the big cats room to roam–free, open space where they can lurk, stalk, and even hide from the prying eyes of visitors. Both the lion and tiger habitats were spectacular.

And, best of all, I got to see this:

Dang! Jaguars are cool.

Day 8: More Beach–the good one this time

I’ve seen some beaches, but the one where Jon and I brainstormed our NEW TOP SECRET PROJECT pretty much takes the cake for all categories. The sand wasn’t fake, like Santa Monica–more of an au natural, baby-bunny white, and the weather couldn’t have been better. We hit some waves with the bodyboard and the exposed part of my hair turned a lovely shade of algae-brown.

At long last, I head north again for the second half of my trip–only too sorry to leave behind the sunny perfection of San Diego and my new compatriot in mischief. Well, at least we had one last hurrah!


  1. Sounds like such fun. Algae brown, though? Not necessarily a good color on you.

  2. Jon says:

    Next time, Seaaaa World!

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