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How to Revise Your Novel: Pt. 1

October 10, 2012 by Kiersi

The first episode in this week’s “How to Revise Your Novel” comes from my dear friend Eddy over at Eddy Writes. “Lessons Learned from Third (and Fourth and Fifth) Drafts” contains some marvelously astute tips, including:

You are wrong.

You will be wrong, and you will be wrong a whole lot.

But that’s OK. Learn to fix what’s wrong. Learn to mess with the broken stuff until it looks less broken.

And, while we’re on the subject, make sure you know the genre of your novel before you start querying! Check out this Big Ol’ Genre Glossary and learn the true difference between speculative fiction and fantasy.

Last, but not least, Twilight–as it should have been:


  1. Wow! I’m laughing so hard right now. I couldn’t control myself through that video. Hysterical. My family thinks I’m crazy because I was seriously laughing uncontrollably!

  2. mklprc says:

    This would be funnier if I had actually ever read or seen Twilight, but I was laughing anyway.

  3. M. Ziegler says:

    Ok. I missed this post but glad i went back to read it!! I do like twilight, terrible movies and books and all, but this just made it so much better!!

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