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Veronica Mars Kickstarter! And news!

March 13, 2013 by Kiersi

I have a great post coming for you tomorrow on first pages and first paragraphs–but I decided to push that back a day and instead deliver a couple VERY IMPORTANT announcements.

News item #1: Rob Thomas is making a Veronica Mars movie! If you haven’t heard of Veronica Mars, here is a post about why it’s amazing, and why Veronica remains my favorite teenage heroine in book, movie, or TV history.

Of course, because the push for a movie/new TV series starring our favorite snarky blonde was purely from rabid fans (like myself), Rob had the great idea to fund production of the movie via crowdfunder giant, Kickstarter.

Here is the hysterical video that goes along with it:


Awesome, right? “Well, you gotta hand it to Rico. Eight years without breaking character.”

“I hear that on Flash Point, he plays the SWAT commander as Keith Mars playing the SWAT commander.”

Okay, I’m done, I promise. Wait, except that IT MADE ALMOST A MILLION DOLLARS IN ONE MORNING and of course, going over the Kickstarter goal of $2 mil is ideal because nudity and car chases.

Big news item #2! I got an email from the PR group at Random House, I’m assuming due to the post I wrote last week about their new ebook-only imprint Hydra (and sister imprints Flirt, Loveswept, and Alibi) and how it’s pretty much designed to screw hopeful authors.

Based on all the critical feedback they received, Random House has updated the contract options now to include two different packages. See the note I added to the post here.

And finally, news item #3: At last, I’ve received my copies of Marie Lu’s Prodigy (sequel to Legend), the final book in Lauren Oliver’s Delirium book series (Requiem, what a dreadful title), and am working my way through the sequel to Cinder (read my review here), titled Scarlet. Looks like I may also get it signed tonight by Marissa Meyer herself!

So look for some book reviews headed your way soon. (And speaking of book lottery, you’ll also notice Forest of Hands and Teeth and The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making–both titles I ordered months ago and completely forgot about, because Amazon sucks. I want to thank everyone who recommended these books to me, especially as I am trying to build my middle-grade library.)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Jim Snell says:

    Re: Veronica Mars – you might be interested in listening to these guys’ thoughts in their podcast Scriptnotes.

  2. Kiersi says:

    I’ve heard this guy’s argument about “why don’t you donate your money to a charity instead of throwing it to a for-profit business on Kickstarter” comment before–and my response is: People can spend their money however they want. End of story.

    It’s curious how this has been a very contentious issue. Me–I’m grateful it’s happening. Pretty much as far as my thoughts on it go 😉

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