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Your Thing Is Good and You Should Feel Good

May 7, 2013 by Kiersi

Back in March, my dear friend and critique partner Eddy Rivas posted a great blog post called, “Your Thing Is Good and You Should Feel Good.” He invited anyone and everyone to post a piece of their WIP to the comments section. He would read each one and reply, “Your thing is good and you should feel good.”

It was a hit. And I think I know why.

Sometimes we writers fall out of love with our work. It happens. It’s not because we don’t love the story or the characters anymore. Personally, I grow weary of the revision process pretty quickly. I love writing a new story; it’s thrilling, exciting, like first love. But over time, when I have to deepen my understanding of my story, my characters, and revisit them constantly–I get sick of it.

I fall out of love.

So, today, dear Eddy gave me what I call some revision therapy. He asked me:

“Tell me what you love about this book.”

I told him. I love my assassins–especially young Scorpion, missing his tongue, but still sexy as all get-out. I love my drunk Han Solo character, who goes by Lionel Harvey. I definitely love the climax of this novel; it’s scary and sad and the end of a great character arc.

But I’m not on that stuff yet. I’m still mired in the first third of the MS, where it seems like I’ve been for the last few months.

“Well,” he said, “tell me what you love about the part you’re working on.”

I had to think about it. I love the gryphon carrying a horse around in the air–it’s such a ridiculous image, and the horse is almost too freaked out to actually, you know, freak out. She’s just stunned. I loved writing that look on her face, giving her life and personality.

I love getting to know my characters better. They’re pitted against some bandits, and hijinks ensue–and let me tell you, I love me some hijinks.

Suddenly, after this conversation, the juices started flowing again. I’m tearing up this MS and putting down new, better words like my hair is on fire.

“Your thing is good,” Eddy told me. “And you should feel good.”

It’s amazing what just a few words can do. My manuscript is good. I should feel good about it.

I do.

So tell me–what are you working on right now? Post it to the comments section, or even better, post it to your own blog–and let’s make this a thing!


  1. You have a hot male assassin who can’t talk?

    why is this not real life.

  2. I’m currently working on a sci-fi epic that takes place during a new era of exploration. Interstellar travel is new and exciting and much of the surrounding areas are mostly unexplored.

    The story focuses around a newly formed crew on an untested ship and the situations they find themselves in as they venture into the unknown. There are space battles, romance, betrayal, twists, turns and all manner of awesome.

    Also, I’m stuck. haha, I’ve been stuck for about a month now and I keep racking my brain as to where to go next. For the last week or so I’ve just put on a shelf and I’m just letting my brain breathe.

    • Kiersi says:

      Sometimes setting it aside is a good way to figure out what happens next. Watch tv shows, movies, or read books similar to yours. Brainstorm what WON’T happen next, and that might figure out what does. Try writing an outline, or deciding what your endpoint is going to be.

      Your thing is good and you should feel good.

  3. Awesome! Sometimes we do need this reminder.

  4. M. Ziegler says:

    I joined an online critique blog hop – great idea? Sometimes. I am posting my work out there and I’ve had two people say they liked it. SOOO when everyone isn’t telling me I suck, the few nice words keep me going. It’s risky to post on your own blog, but I am doing it anyway. You’re right. The nice things keep you going.
    I am trying to add a male POV after the fact – not so easy.

    • Kiersi says:

      You can do it, Michelle! Your thing is good and you should feel good. The nice comments keep me going, too.

  5. Writerlious says:

    He’s a genius. I need a little “Your Thing is Good and You Should Feel Good” button my my computer desk at home!

    • Kiersi says:

      Like those “Easy” buttons from staples that say, “Now THAT was easy!”

      Haha, I’m going to make that!

  6. Kristen Proctor says:

    I don’t write, but I use the same sort of reminders for restarting crochet projects that have been hibernating. I remind myself why I started a project, how the yarn feel, why I like a certain stitch patterns, and usually I can pick right back up and finish the project. On the other hand it sometimes told me why I stopped working on a certain project. usually the case is that while I like only elements they don’t combine very well.

    • Kiersi says:

      Like trying to combine all your favorite spices, but the result isn’t very tasty? Happens to me all the time.

      Thanks for coming by, Kristen. It’s so great to hear how this translates to other creative type projects. Your thing is good and you should feel good!! (Also, look forward to hanging out with you soon 🙂

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