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A Change of Direction

March 18, 2014 by Kiersi

You may have noticed it’s been pretty quiet over here on The Prolific Novelista. Or maybe you haven’t noticed, because that’s the thing about blogs: they work so long as you continue to update them. Readers will come when they can expect regular content, when they refresh the home page and find something new.

And I have not lived up to that expectation.

There’s a couple reasons for that, and even more reasons why it’s led me to decide to change my direction.

A few months ago, I started to struggle to come up with topics for both this blog and for Publishing Hub, where I post every other Wednesday. Every post I began writing for TPN felt tired and boring and totally uninspired.

My life was pretty different when I started blogging here. I had a book deal. I didn’t have to work a lot to make ends meet. I was building a platform to launch a specific book and I was dedicated to making it awesome. I wanted to connect with other writers because I felt like I was going it alone, and I loved the support network blogging provided me.

But a lot of things have changed, and I’m not going to pretend like they haven’t. No more book deal, after my publishing house went under. (And I’ll just say it now, since it doesn’t matter anymore: they tried to screw me, and I had to get a lawyer, and it was really messy and extremely upsetting.)

Writing is something I do because I know it’s my life’s work. It’s the thing I was put on this planet to do, the thing I was born to do. I don’t even care how cliché that sounds, because as I’m learning in the process of writing series fiction, clichés exist for a reason–and that reason is that they are convenient shortcuts to explain complicated feelings and ideas.

I’m sure as hell going to keep writing, probably forever. But I have far less time for it these days because my freelance business has grown exponentially; because I’m building new relationships and a new life; because I’m working on getting new book deals to replace my dead one, now that the feelings of inadequacy and failure have passed. I have real-life writers who support me, who I support, who fulfill my need to be connected in my profession.

And the kicker is that all of that stuff takes time and energy. At some point, I had to start stripping away the non-essential daily tasks in order to keep up with the essentials and still stay sane. Which included blogging.

But that’s not really what this post is about.

This post is about a change in direction for The Prolific Novelista–something that aligns far more with my mission for the future, and with my new vision for my author platform.

For starters, I want to be more real with all of you. I want to come here and talk about what it’s like to live like a writer, as a writer like me, because what else is a writer’s blog for? I mean, I want to be your resource. Always. Forever. I want to write posts that you read and learn something from and share with the other writers in your life.

But I also want to be your inspiration. I want to be a bright point in your day. I want you to feel like you can know me, even just the little bit that the internet allows. I think a lot of writers shy away from this, and I totally get it. I get wanting to be private. I admire the heck out of writers who stay quiet to protect their families and to keep the world’s focus on their words, instead of their personal lives.

But that’s not me.

If you follow me on Twitter (or know me in real life), you already know this. I love to talk about the things that make me happy, the things that make me sad, even if they aren’t writing-related–or don’t seem writing-related.

Because the trick is that everything is related to writing. No life experience goes by without affecting your writing, without inspiring it, without changing it. So I want to bring you that. I want this blog to be a place where writing and life intersect; where we can genuinely get to know each other, and build a relationship with each other, you and me and everyone else who reads this gobbledy gook that comes out of my fingers.

I want this website to be a place to find me. For readers and writers and just people to come by and see a little bit of life, a little bit of words, a little bit of ideas and fantasy and silliness. Because that’s the real me. And I guarantee it will still include me complaining about how writers should avoid overly-creative dialogue tags (because seriously, it drives me crazy).

So, raise your glass, whatever’s in it, and let’s cheers together to a bright, new future. I hope you’ll keep coming by as the new posts start going up. I’ve missed all of you greatly.


  1. rfeiertag says:


    Welcome back again! I am looking forward to reading your posts, whatever direction they take us.


  2. M. Ziegler says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of your crummy journey. My publisher closed their doors just about a year ago too. They were great though in the end and I’ve since found someone better. I count my lucky stars. I wish you all the luck in the future! and I love the new direction.

    • Kiersi says:

      Thanks, Michelle. I’m glad that all worked out for you in the end! Things like that give me hope for the future, too 🙂

  3. I love this! I used to try to always be positive, but the end of 2013 hit me hard and I admitted that openly on my blog. I was feeling kicked around, and I was really upset about it. The support I got was amazing, and I couldn’t be happier that I shared my experience. So bring it on, Kiersi. We’re all here for you.

    • Kiersi says:

      It’s hard to always be the bright star and stay upbeat even when you don’t feel it. Thank you so much, Kelly. I’ve missed you!!

  4. angel011 says:

    Nice to see you’re back, and cheers to the new future!

  5. Austen says:

    Welcome back! Looking forward to the new direction!

  6. Welcome back! I am definitely looking forward to coming here and reading your future posts.

  7. Kiersi says:

    Thank you!! Cheers!

  8. So glad to see you back here, Kiersi. You’ve been missed. I totally understand the need to get “away” for awhile, to hunker down, and mind the essentials. But when that passes (like winter) it’s time to grow again, and it sounds like you’ve found your new spring.

  9. Kristin Twa Wagar says:

    Writers are known for having bumpy rides to success, keep on writing about what makes ;you, you and you will get to where you want to go.

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