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  1. Podcast: What the ARC?!

    July 9, 2012 by Kiersi

    Podcast: Don't Touch That Adverb

    Today, Jon Yang and I discuss the recent controversy surrounding the ALA (American Library Association) annual conference, and the conflict that is emerging between librarians and book bloggers, nicknamed “ARCGate.” Some helpful links for you as you listen:

    -What is an ARC?

    -The blog post that started it all–“The ARC stops here” on

    -Lost Lola’s apology and explanation for the 22-minute book haul video referenced above

    Jon and I debate who’s in the right, discuss the emerging role of book bloggers, and speculate what the ALA might do to prevent this conflict in the future.

    Prolific Novelista - What the ARC?!

  2. Podcast: “Gimme a (Storytelling) Beat”

    May 12, 2012 by Kiersi

    Podcast: Don't Touch That Adverb

    In today’s podcast, Jon Yang and I discuss:

    -The fundamental elements of good storytelling

    -Ways to engage your audience

    -How to keep those pages turning

    What do you think makes a good story? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

    Profilic Novelista - Gimme a (Storytelling) Beat

  3. Podcast: “Don’t Touch That Adverb”

    May 4, 2012 by Kiersi

    Podcast: Don't Touch That Adverb

    In today’s podcast the exceptional Jon Yang and I discuss:

    -How carelessness with adverbs can take the punch out of good writing

    Some tried-and-true methods of improving descriptions with pacing and vocabulary

    -Why “style” has to be earned

    Learn how to avoid some common pitfalls, add realism to your writing, and of course, have a good laugh at my expense!

    Prolific Novelista - Don't Touch That Adverb

  4. Podcast!: “Your Gold Is Welcome Here”

    April 5, 2012 by Kiersi

    My first podcast

    I have finally participated in my very first podcast! The host is my YA-writing pal and cohort in silliness, Jon Yang. We discuss:

    -Fifty Shades of Grey and I give some insight into the fan-fiction universe

    -The Hunger Games after a second viewing, and an exchange of opinions

    -Lenny Kravitz being too cool to play Cinna

    Long story short, money talks! Jon is a great podcaster and I guarantee that you’ll have a good laugh (probably at my expense).

    You, Me, Us - Your Gold is Welcome Here