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  1. On Drama, Fan Service, and Serials

    September 19, 2012 by Kiersi

    Okay. Here it is. My guiltiest admission.

    I am a total sucker for drama. Teenage girl drama. Soap operas. Recently, a friend turned me on to a trashy TV show called Gossip Girl (yeah, you heard me) and I couldn’t stop watching it for nearly three weeks. It’s like ordering bottomless fries at the pub down the street–you just can’t pull yourself away.

    Drama works because it’s the fantasy that no one really has. I mean, who wants their life to be this complicated and messy? Daddy issues, amnesia, unexpected pregnancies, the gamut–but we kind of do. We envy their glamour. We envy their passion.

    So why does it work? And how do you do it?

    The Conflict Cycle (more…)