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  1. Yes, There IS Still Sexism In Publishing

    May 7, 2013 by Kiersi

    Alter-cover by the fabulous Gillian Berry

    I’m shaking as I write this, because I’m both sad and angry. I guess in some parts of the world they call this “frustrated.” Or “sangry.”

    I’m sad that as a culture, we’re still divided this way: that some books are girly books, and some books are guy books.

    I’m also angry that people still try to pretend like it’s not a problem. That’s it’s not a problem we have to have separate “women-only” book awards, because female authors get so little recognition in mainstream awards (3:10 female to male winners for the Booker). That it’s no biggie when a female author gets slut-shamed while her books get ignored. Or that books by female authors tend to get fluffy, jazzy covers; that female authors have to use pen names to supposedly be marketable to boy audiences (J.K. Rowling?).

    Somehow, all this is not a “gendered” problem.

    Author Maureen Johnson did a pretty neat piece recently of books written by male authors, with the covers re-imagined as if the author was of the opposite sex or gender queer (also see the top image on this post). And boy, is it fascinating to look at. (more…)

  2. White Girls, Dead Girls, and Fancy Dresses

    May 17, 2012 by Kiersi

    Black models on 2011 YA covers

    Kate Hart: Uncovering YA Covers: 2011

    I wrote a controversial post some time ago regarding young adult book covers that have been announced for 2012 called All the White Girls, where I suggested YA authors need to get their shit together and start writing books about something other than white chicks in flowing dresses. I found it immensely disturbing that not a single book on the Top 25 YA Books of 2012 featured a cover photo of anyone besides a white girl.

    A bunch of commenters suggested the problem lies with publishers and not authors, as cover designers in YA are rarely faithful to the look, ethnicity, race, or whatever of the book’s protagonist for which they are designing.

    Today I discovered this post by YA author Kate Hart via my twitter peep E.C. Meyers. Kate breaks down over 600 YA covers from 2011, scientifically, in a number of fascinating and revealing ways, including how often you might find a headless, dead, or back-shot model on a YA cover. (more…)

  3. All the White Girls

    March 2, 2012 by Kiersi

    During #yalitchat on Wednesday, I had the privilege to sneak a peek at the titles and covers of a dozen debut YA novels hitting the shelves in 2012. There were some real stand-outs: the title Rape Girl struck me as daring and a little bit brilliant, and bound to get press attention; I also loved the high-saturation artwork on the cover of Jessica Souders’s Renegade (see here).

    But looking at that gorgeous image, something tickled me about it, too: A gorgeous, blond white chick in a flowing red dress, hmm. It was eerily familiar.

    Near the end of the chat, I snapped up a link to an exhaustive list of YA novels scheduled for release in 2012 on GoodReads. It wasn’t anything unexpected: the fifth Mortal Instruments book reigned at the top of the list (a tired series, but still popular nonetheless), the third in the Matched trilogy sat a little further down–mostly sequels and tri-quels and in some cases, the seventh or eighth book in a line-up.

    What did surprise me, though, were the covers. I want to show you a somewhat disturbing image:

    YA novel book covers, all featuring white girls

    From top left: The Golden Lily, Everneath, Spellbound, Hallowed, Rapture, City of Lost Souls, Pandemonium, Endlessly. What's with all these one-word titles?