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  1. Vision Quest 2012: The Mission

    December 3, 2012 by Kiersi

    Three-way goat fight!

    I leave first thing in the morning tomorrow for my friend’s ranch in northern California. As seen above, there are goats, which I will be herding and milking in exchange for my room and board. I’ll be living in a grounded boat on the property with no internet connection and very little phone service, if any.

    The perfect place to write. (more…)

  2. Cowboys and Aliens

    April 24, 2012 by Kiersi

    Cowboys and Aliens: Change is Coming in YA Literature

    I think we can all agree–considering the success of The Hunger Games and the imminent finale of the Twilight movies–that the fad of supernatural and paranormal elements in young adult literature is beginning to dissipate. Even paranormal romance is dropping off the radar for publishers and agents. Werewolves are done, blasé. Vampires? I’d bet with real money that True Blood‘s upcoming sixth season will be its last, with all the original charm and wit squeezed out by the show’s increasing time devotion to witches, shape-changers and goblin-like fey. Television and book series can no longer be sustained by the concept of the “sexy vampire” alone. Monster fic is riding the molten tail of a comet passing its hey day. Satire is always a sign of something on the “fad” decline, and I’d say Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is the tell-all tale. (more…)