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  1. Brainstorming for Dummies

    February 27, 2012 by Kiersi

    Gryphon, a novel

    I find it simply impossible to focus on one single thing for too long. New ideas always creep in, like moss through holes in the brick. Instead of ignoring them until the time is right, I’m trying a new method: write down everything I can think of regarding the new idea, and file it away until I have time to work on it.

    It’s amazing how time sifts through your ideas for you, shuffling aside the not-so-good ones, and letting the great ones shine through. (more…)

  2. Don’t Jinx It

    February 3, 2012 by Kiersi


    After my post yesterday detailing just a handful of the many plot lines floating around in this silly little writer’s brain of mine, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. All those great stories that have been forsaken in lieu of querying agents, editing and re-writing a book that really needs a professional’s eye more than mine–well, it sunk in.

    Between noon and 8pm today (Argentinian time), I hammered out the first 6,500 words of The Aeronauts. Because I’m totally wiped and exhausted, this post is going to feature a snippet (first draft, obviously) of this crazy nonsense that spilled out of my fingers. (more…)

  3. So Yeah, It’s About a Werewolf

    October 6, 2011 by Kiersi

    A Werewolf

    Daddy’s Little Occult Supernatural Monster


    Inhaling cold air feels different when inhaled horizontally, from the crouching position.

    I spend a lot of time in the crouching position. Usually waiting, but often watching while waiting. Also sniffing. Sometimes I even reach forward and scratch behind my right ear.

    Mostly just waiting, though. (more…)