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  1. Veronica Mars Kickstarter! And news!

    March 13, 2013 by Kiersi

    I have a great post coming for you tomorrow on first pages and first paragraphs–but I decided to push that back a day and instead deliver a couple VERY IMPORTANT announcements.

    News item #1: Rob Thomas is making a Veronica Mars movie! If you haven’t heard of Veronica Mars, here is a post about why it’s amazing, and why Veronica remains my favorite teenage heroine in book, movie, or TV history.

    Of course, because the push for a movie/new TV series starring our favorite snarky blonde was purely from rabid fans (like myself), Rob had the great idea to fund production of the movie via crowdfunder giant, Kickstarter. (more…)

  2. Don’t Get Screwed: Author Solutions & Hydra

    March 6, 2013 by Kiersi

    UPDATE: I received an email from Allison Dobson, Director of Digital Imprints at Random House, regarding recent changes made to the Hydra, Alibi, Lovestruck and Flirt ebook-only imprint contracts (based on what I’m sure was a torrent of critical feedback). Read about the changes here, on the Writer Beware website (or see the full, official PDF here).

    Essentially, they’re offering two packages: one that’s a more traditional advance-and-royalty deal, and another that’s still the original “profit sharing” deal with some important changes. No longer will Random House charge a setup cost or a fee for the sales/marketing/promotion; that’s part of the package, up to a certain amount.

    So, I think that addresses a lot of the concerns raised in this post (and by other critics on the web)–but I am still leery of this emerging trend.

    Read on.

    This is a bit of a gossip post because sometimes, I think it’s important to spread certain gossip–especially as it pertains to large publishing houses (corporations) screwing writers who aren’t aware they’re being screwed. (more…)