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  1. Day 3, 4 & 5 (California Road Trip ’12)

    July 26, 2012 by Kiersi

    Day 3: Santa Rosa to Los Angeles

    I thought about stopping for another night to camp on my way south, but I had a few freelance articles due soon and needed a layover day to get caught up. After three days of straight driving, I was ready to get off the road for a while. My friend lives in Westwood (see this article and this other article about my research trip last March), not a stone’s throw from UCLA and Hollywood; overall, a great place to hunker down in a cute little coffee shop and relax. (more…)

  2. Returning to High School

    March 23, 2012 by Kiersi

    For some reason, Los Angeles appears to totally despise me. The day after I showed up it rained all weekend (a rarity for southern California, or so I hear) and we even got a thunderstorm on Saturday night. Now, as we near the second weekend and I’m planning on taking off on a backpacking trip to Joshua Tree with my pal, the sky has clouded over and the lightning storms have returned.

    I went to a school yesterday (which I am not at liberty to name), but it was one of my top choices for schools to visit in the area during my research trip. The teacher who worked with me is the head of the English department at the high school, and was more than accommodating in my request to see the school for myself and observe one of her classes. I got to check out the building architecture, learn a little history, and watch a junior-level English class in session. (more…)

  3. Where the Rich People Live

    March 21, 2012 by Kiersi

    A house in Bel Air

    A house in Bel Air

    Day two of my book research trip took me into the hills outside of Westwood to the famous neighborhood known by its main street: Bel Air. I hadn’t realized the area was so close by until I did a Google search for the most expensive houses in Los Angeles. There, I found a real estate site listing a $185 million French provincial hidden away on Nimes St., less than a mile from my temporary residence. (more…)

  4. Los Angeles By Scooter

    March 19, 2012 by Kiersi

    Los Angeles

    Westwood, LA

    I wish I had some better photos to show off than this one, but I was too busy looking with my eyes to take any real monumental works of art.

    So I’m in Los Angeles, doing some much-needed research for my upcoming debut novel (and its two sequels). All three books take place in LA, but I’ve spent so little time there that my inaccuracies had become embarrassing–like a zit that sits in the bottom corner of your face and no one mentions it to you, and when you look in the mirror later that night and see it you just want to scream.

    It’s kind of like that. (more…)