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  1. Typewriter Tumblr, and Queue Open Again

    January 6, 2013 by Kiersi

    So far the typewriter micro-stories have been a big hit. It’s time to keep the gravy train rolling along! There are two things you can do to help (ok, maybe three):

    1. Visit the new Typewriter Stories Tumblr page! (Then press “Follow” to get an update every time a new story comes out!)

    2. Tell your friends! Post it to Facebook or Twitter or whatever it is that cool people like you do when sharing something you like.

    3. Request one! Want a cute little story (starring you) typed up on the funkiest of funky typewriters, then wrapped in a cute envelope that says it was hand-crafted for you, and then mailed to your front door? Of course you do. WHO WOULDN’T. Amirite?

    Just click Request a Story to get your own.

    Maybe if this thing gets enough interest I will get some people to illustrate it–and maybe even make it into a book!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Typewriter Micro-stories: Rolling Old School

    December 26, 2012 by Kiersi

    I’ve always wanted a typewriter, mostly just for the feeling of physically hammering letters onto the page–but also for the concept of getting away from the computer to write. And not only to write, but to write words that cannot be unwritten.

    A typewriter is, in essence, the ultimate first draft. It’s what every writer participating in National Novel Writing Month strives for: to simply write words as they come, without the ability to go back and edit them. One must continue moving forward with a typewriter. There is no backspace button (actually, mine has a white-out strip, but it doesn’t really work).

    So, a dear friend of mine hunted down a classic-style typewriter, made all the necessary repairs, and gave it to me as a gift. The cool thing about this particular typewriter is that it actually prints in cursive, instead of the traditional Courier.

    When I posted pictures of the new find, a friend asked for a typed-up letter. WELL. A letter? Hmm. Too novice for me. Instead, I crafted a little short story starring my recipient, and typed it up on the typewriter. Voila! (more…)