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  1. Taking a Break

    September 6, 2012 by Kiersi

    My boyfriend is probably the only reason I don’t work 16 hours a day. Balancing contracting work, edits on my upcoming publication, Devil’s Fire, reworking The Aeronauts, writing and refining a query–it’s been a bit of a top load lately. Luckily I have that guy around telling me to get off my ass and take a break already. “Go play a video game for a while,” he insists–frequently. “Or watch a movie with me.”

    "Kracka" Munny, by Kidrobot

    One thing I don’t do enough of anymore is art. I used to illustrate children’s books and make miniature sculpey statuettes, but haven’t had much time for hobbies with writing becoming my full-time gig.

    I forgot how much art recharges my batteries, or I would have done a project like this one sooner.

    A few weeks back, while hanging with my super-cool college friend and budding entrepreneur Amber Case (@caseorganic), we decided on a whim to buy these cute vinyl toys (called Munny) by Boulder company Kidrobot. I guess not so much of a surprise, considering my obsession with tiny, cute things.

    The concept of the Munny is a brilliant one. Sure, it’s a somewhat creepy-looking blank, white, vinyl critter that bears a striking resemblance to a hippo/dog/dinosaur (depending on your angle). But it’s also a blank slate: something you can cut, sculpt, and customize however you please. And some folks have done some really cool stuff with it. (more…)