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  1. Typewriter Tumblr, and Queue Open Again

    January 6, 2013 by Kiersi

    So far the typewriter micro-stories have been a big hit. It’s time to keep the gravy train rolling along! There are two things you can do to help (ok, maybe three):

    1. Visit the new Typewriter Stories Tumblr page! (Then press “Follow” to get an update every time a new story comes out!)

    2. Tell your friends! Post it to Facebook or Twitter or whatever it is that cool people like you do when sharing something you like.

    3. Request one! Want a cute little story (starring you) typed up on the funkiest of funky typewriters, then wrapped in a cute envelope that says it was hand-crafted for you, and then mailed to your front door? Of course you do. WHO WOULDN’T. Amirite?

    Just click Request a Story to get your own.

    Maybe if this thing gets enough interest I will get some people to illustrate it–and maybe even make it into a book!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Black Holes and Space Travel by Typewriter

    January 3, 2013 by Kiersi

    More typewriter stories today as I work on some long-winded thing about princesses and high expectations. Here’s the photo our latest typewriter-story recipient posted:

    Anthony’s a high school friend of mine who went on to become a filmmaker. He requested one micro-story for himself and one for his mom, Allison, who fed me lots of snacks while I bummed around at her house all those years ago.

    Of course, Allison’s had to have a dog in it.

    Allison’s Portal

    There once was a little girl named Allison.

    Allison had an equally-little dog named Skip. Skip and Allison were always having adventures together: they dug up dinosaur bones in the backyard, and discovered ancient ruins under her mother’s bed (her mom hadn’t thought it was so fun when she found her winter clothes scattered and chewed by the dog). They hiked Mount Everest and flew around the world in a giant slingshot. (more…)

  3. More Typewriter Stories

    December 31, 2012 by Kiersi

    Since I’m in brainstorming mode and not producing much of anything besides (I was hit square in the noggin with a new idea the other night–it’s already turning itself into a manuscript without encouragement or consent), I decided to post some of the typewriter micro-stories I’ve been putting together and snail-mailing out to friends. If you’re not familiar with the typewriter micro-stories, read about it here.

    First up, a typewriter story requested by my pal Austen:

    The Upper-Left Drawer

    There once was a little boy named Austen.

    Austen had a secret. In the left-most, upper-most drawer of his dresser, something very small was breathing. In and out, and in and out, regular-like, with a shuddering sound at the end that would make you think that perhaps it had a cold. (more…)

  4. It was probably two a.m.

    May 6, 2012 by Kiersi

    Pulled over

    It’s two a.m., maybe closer to two-thirty, maybe past two-thirty, and I’m driving back to my parents’ house in my dad’s new car. What a responsible family guy car, I think whenever I drive it. A four-door sedan, an up-and-coming car maker (this is important), and—he won’t admit it out loud—a stylish exterior. The color is copper. It looks nothing like copper. He got a piece of marketing material from the car company that was personalized with his name. So intrigued by it, by its personalness, he opened it. I love this about my dad. He is so genuinely curious. He has held onto that lovable trait all these years, one of the few.

    Anyway, he opened it and inside was all this shoo-shaw marketing garbage with glossy color photos. He pored over it. He read out loud a passage about how Magellan’s discovery of South America (side note, I’m pretty pissed the Wikipedia page for Ferdinand Magellan is not the first result for the Google search “magellan”) was really attributable to the hard work of a Basque captain—Basque things always being a point of interest for my dad, as our family is some ubiquitous percentage Basque at all times—as my mom rolled her eyes. What a success for marketing. (more…)

  5. Overlord: A Short Story

    April 2, 2012 by Kiersi



    A short story

    Nalya reaches over her shoulder and plucks another black, feather-tipped arrow from a leather quiver. In one fluid motion she notches the arrow in her bow, pulls the string tight, and closes one eye.

    “Five points if I get this one,” she says, her long ears quivering with the bowstring.

    Gorbash knows better than to bet with an elf regarding archery. He closes his toothy jaw and crosses his arms, his steel armor clinking. The skeleton just around the corner pauses at the sound, and turns a head full of empty sockets. (more…)

  6. Twelve Years of Seduction: A Short Story

    January 30, 2012 by Kiersi

    "Chinese Zodiac - The Rat" by Stephanie Smith

    Twelve Years of Seduction

    Originally posted on Short Story Showdown

    Just a rat.

    That’s what Jake had always been: just a rat. He was born two months premature, weighing little more than a couple of potatoes. In his baby photos his head was an awkward shape and covered in odd patches of thin black hair. He grew sinewy and small, with big front teeth like his father’s and tiny, delicate features like his mother’s. His eyes, nose, and mouth were all grouped together in the center of his face, like finger-holes on a bowling ball. (more…)

  7. The Sofa: A Story of Obsession

    January 21, 2012 by Kiersi

    The Sofa: A Short Story

    The Sofa

    Originally posted on The Short Story Showdown

    Forty-inch flat-screen Sony television, wall-mounted: $579.99. A slightly smaller version of the same television, ceiling-mounted in my bedroom: $399.95. A hyper-realistic oil painting of a diner, framed in sleek black: $74.90, plus a $5 tip to the cute girl behind the desk at the frame shop.

    State-of-the-art blender: $134.99. State-of-the-art coffeemaker and espresso machine: $282.70 (on sale). State-of-the-art food processor still sitting in a box, waiting to make pesto that will never be made: $99.99.

    And then the prize of my collection: a Harper all-leather black couch with white stitching, mahogany feet, red throw, and matching white-and-black checkered pillows, which ran me somewhere around $4,000 for the matching set of loveseat and chair. (more…)

  8. My Brother the Wolf

    January 10, 2012 by Kiersi

    My Brother the Wolf

    My Brother the Wolf

     Originally posted to the Short Story Showdown in response to Showdown #3: In Transit.

    I’ve been changed long enough that sometimes I forget I was once a man. I think I had red hair, or maybe it was reddish-brown. Something fierce and proud like that. Now, my hair is coarse and marbled with brown and black and tan and white, just a muddle of forest colors, and rough to the touch. The nose at the end of my snout is dry and cracked. The long tongue that hangs from my jaws is tired from lolling to and fro as my thin, powerful legs carry me mile after mile, farther and farther away from home.

    The minutes turn into hours turn into days, and they are still following my trail. I think I’ve been on the move for a week now, maybe two. I’m not sure who “they” are; they found me in the kitchen of my house, cooking curry with my wife. One was a bear, a great brown grizzly who came in through the front door but took the wall with him. His brother, a white tiger as big as my leather couch, shattered the window and sunk his jaws into Samantha’s neck. (more…)

  9. It’s Real Leather: A Short Story

    January 4, 2012 by Kiersi

    This story was originally posted to the Short Story Showdown for Showdown #2: Mundane Personification.

    It's Real Leather

    It’s Real Leather

    “That can’t be real leather,” says the pink flip-flop. “Just can’t be.”

    “I’m all real, baby,” says the leather pump. She’s painted shiny red, her seams cream-colored. She taps her three-inch heel on the floor, deciding how sharply to reprimand the flip-flop for doubting the authenticity of her leather stitching.

    Then the closet doors open. Shoes are shuffled aside on the rack, and a pair of thick canvas hiking boots join the pumps and the flip-flops on the third shelf. The doors close again.

    “Goodness!” cries the red leather pump. “You’re getting my patent leather all wet!” (more…)

  10. Short Story Showdown!

    December 31, 2011 by Kiersi

    Short Story Showdown

    I’ve teamed up with Steven, my roommate and cohort in coffee-shop novelizing, on a new project called Short Story Showdown. The showdowns are a quick and dirty way to polish our storytelling chops with weekly writing exercises, and also a way to network with other writers and showcase outstanding work.

    Long story short, (yeah, ha, ha, ha, sigh) a new showdown theme is posted to the site each week to get the gears in your head turning. The goal is to write a 1,000 to 2,000-word short story based on the showdown theme in the time allowed by the showdown (usually about five days). Then the best stories are posted on the website.

    This is a great way to get your feet wet if you’re new to short stories, and a way to continually inspire those who already write frequently. Get some visibility for your skills and just have a great time!

    For more information, please visit We look forward to seeing what you can do!