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  1. The Art of Story Fermentation

    December 21, 2012 by Kiersi

    The moldiest thing I've ever eaten by Jer Thorp

    "The moldiest thing I've ever eaten" by Jer Thorp - flickr

    The Art of Story Fermentation,
    or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Set an Idea Aside

    I’m back from my quest and coming to terms with an uncomfortable realization: the manuscript I had intended to query agents with is just not the one. Now I am slowly accepting the fact that the first manuscript isn’t ready yet. And that’s OK.

    So. Story fermentation. What the heck does that mean, and why am I writing a whole blog post about it?

    I use story fermentation to refer to the process of letting a concept, plot, idea or story just… sit. When you push it to the back of your mind, let it gather some mold and dust, let it age and change and grow as you work on other, more prescient things.

    Another term I’ve come to use a lot lately is the idea pipeline. Let’s say you have a great idea. You wake up, having just had the most incredible dream, and you know it has to become a story. A short story, a manuscript, whatever. You start to work out the characters, the premise, the point A and point B (A referring to where a story begins, and B referring to where you want it to end). Once the idea has fully formed, like some kind of chicken fetus, it breaks from the shell and you give it life on the keyboard. (more…)

  2. Why I Love and Hate Writer’s Group

    September 5, 2012 by Kiersi

    Writer's Group on Facebook

    Facebook: Where the writer's group hangs out between meetings

    I have the best writer’s group ever. I mean, ever. Six women who all write YA. Six women who are monumentally talented,  and each in their own unique way. We have a fantasy writer (yours truly), one contemporary, two magical realism, one working on historical fiction, and even a graphic novelist (artist and writer, whoa). I believe something like four out of six of us have been published in the past. And, to the internet’s credit, we all met on Facebook. If you like, I can do a post at a later date about how I found and organized this group, and the critique method we’ve developed to make the most effective use of our limited meeting time.

    So. I love my writer’s group. But now you may ask, “Why does the headline also say you hate them?”

    Because they are always right. And that usually means I have to do a lot of work. (more…)