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  1. A Book With A Ridiculously Long Name

    August 1, 2013 by Kiersi

    I was really late to the party when it comes to middle-grade fiction.

    I mean, really late. So late that the last middle-grade book I read was THE GIVER and I was probably twelve at the time. So, why, you probably ask, did I decide to write a middle-grade book? That was kind of dumb. (I’d agree with you.) But I’d also explain that some stories just have to be told. And this particular story, well, its two heroes were eleven- and twelve-years-old respectively. It wasn’t a story that was going to just bugger off anytime soon. I had to write it. There really wasn’t anything I could do about that total-lack-of-market-knowledge thing at the time. So I went with it and wrote it as best as I possibly could. Because that’s what writing has always been for me–an adventure into the wide unknown. I decided I would learn as I went, and revise as necessary.

    Bahahaha, current me says to past me. You fool. You know nothing, Jon Snow. (more…)