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  1. Film Noir, Dying Genres, and Tic-Tacs

    August 31, 2012 by Kiersi

    A week’s worth of contracting work instead of finishing my query? SO WHAT. This thing is in the bag!


    And it’s Friday.

    I’ve posted about Veronica Mars before (and how it’s the best teen TV show pretty much ever–but I’m not really a Buffy person), but this girl really went the extra distance to talk about the film noir elements of Rob Thomas’s crowning achievement in her article, “VERONICA MARS (Is Smarter Than Everybody).” She also has gathered an impressive collection of snarky Veronica gifs (if you’re into that kind of thing–and you might just be after you see this.)

    GOD, I love smart, sassy girl heroes. And the noir-style detective tale? An untapped YA sub-genre that, to me, seems ripe for the pickin’s.

    And while we’re on the topic of trending (and dying) genres, I read an interesting post this week by literary agent Suzie Townsend called “The Truth About Dead Genres.” She makes a great point: Write the book you want to write, not what you think you should write to stay on top of the market. There’s no way to know what’ll hit and what won’t a few years down the line.

    One last thing: Just in case you weren’t already aware, this is how you eat a tic-tac like a boss. I mean, seriously, why is this not an NBC “The More You Know” ad?