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  1. Going It Alone

    March 29, 2014 by Kiersi

    As I’m scrambling to get all my work done and my bags packed for Costa Rica before Monday, I’m reminded of how different it was taking trips as a kid. Mom held onto your passport and ticket. Dad shuffled you through the security line, talked to gate employees when your flight got delayed or moved, and told you everything was fine when something did go wrong.

    Remember what it was like, not being responsible for your own itinerary or well-being? My major upsets as a child while traveling weren’t delayed flights or missed connections. They were things like that time I left my favorite polar bear stuffed animal on a plane and cried about it for two days; or that time our luggage got lost on the way to Italy, so we had to wear the same tourist t-shirt every day until the bags showed up. The worst thing that came of that? Smelling a little overripe.

    But even when things got really silly, really messed up, I still felt safe. I could trust the adults I was with to figure out whatever went awry. I could write a whole series of blog posts about why being an adult sucks. Being responsible for your own destiny is one of them–but it’s also one of my favorite things. (more…)

  2. Traveling: A Love-Hate Relationship

    March 22, 2014 by Kiersi

    This Spring is going to be a travel nightmare.

    Traveling is a real big mixed bag of feelings for me. I hate it, because it’s for work. I love it, because it’s some sponsored time to get away. But I hate it, because it’s taking me away from home, and making me miss concerts and get-togethers and Pokemon league.

    An airplane is an unexpected place to find peace and quiet. As a writer, I’ve found it’s a great place to work, if not my favorite one–as long as you can be blunt with that chatty, oblivious woman who sits down next to you and say, sorry, but I can’t talk. I’ve got work to do. (If you’re the non-confrontational type, headphones function really well for this. Just slip them in while someone is talking to you and the message is conveyed without room for misinterpretation.) (more…)